When we got our hands on the meeLight, we loved it’s sleek design and wanted a couple of our trusted families to give it a test run.  Is it a useful addition for travelling families?  Natalie from A Big Peachey Adventure gives us the low down!

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How do you deal with night times as a family in the small confines of a caravan or camper trailer with a baby? I remember reading a despairing post by another travelling parent just weeks into their big trip and already considering turning around. The reason? Everyone was exhausted as when the baby woke up through the night, so too did everyone else. I get it, and could totally sympathise!

Edward was not even 4 months old when we started travelling, and even now at 14 months he wakes as much if not more than a newborn. ANYTHING that makes these night waking’s easier to deal with is awesome in our books!

So when our sweet friends at Caravanning with Kids recently said they were sending me a product to review that is designed for parents who are up through the night with a baby, I was intrigued. And now that I have the product in my hot little hands, I wish I’d discovered it 8 months ago!

My (honest) review of the meelight by meemoo baby

meelight, by meemoo baby, is a ‘feeding and care night light’.  What makes this different from other night lights on the market is that it is dimmable, rechargeable and WEARABLE. This is PERFECT for those late night feeds or nappy changes so you have light close to you but both your hands free for baby caring duties.

When I first opened the box, there were lots of ooh’s and aaah’s from my two oldest kids who just wanted to TOUCH it! The meelight certainly begs to be held. It is a sleek design that looks very at home charging next to your iPhone! It also takes up just as little space, which is an important feature when considering how space is limited in caravan’s and camper trailers.

Rechargeable on a base via a USB cord (no batteries!) the palm sized light also has three different levels of brightness. For all levels the light will turn off automatically after 30minutes if you wish. On the lowest setting you can however leave it on, which is great if you want to use it all night as a night light.

If you want to wear the meelight, simply attach it to the meeclip… which you can then attach to your clothes.

In the box, you get a charging base, a USB lead, power adapter, a magnetic clip to attach the light to your clothes and the beautiful light (meelight).

Why the meelight is awesome!

The light is rechargeable on the base and via a USB cord, which makes it very simple. No messing around with changing batteries!

It is also portable and cord free (aside from when on the charging base) meaning you can be confident you can use it safely around your family wherever needed.

The charge then lasts 24 hours. This is perfect if you’re free camping or unpowered. If you use it wisely you could use it for a week or more.

Being dimmable, you can select the right level of lighting for different situations.

The timer means that not only will the charge will last longer if it’s accidentally left on, but it is also great for situations when you just need some light for a short period (like toilet visits).

The unique inclusion of the meeclip makes the light wearable meaning you can put the meelight where you NEED it. Perfect for breastfeeding mum’s, but also for middle of the night nappy changes.

The soft, golden glow the meelight omits truly doesn’t snap you out of your sleepiness in the middle of the night.

The design is so lovely and is something you wouldn’t mind to have sitting on your caravan benchtop…. Bedside table… or even in your home when not travelling!

It’s so versatile.  All three of our kids used it for different reasons (aged 1, 4 & 7).

The not so awesome bits:

Beware around teething babies! Eddie just wanted to grab this light and chew on it. I can understand why, it feels like the perfect teething toy but the instructions have warnings against this.

We found the clip a bit too narrow to attach comfortably to our clothes. May have just been our choice in clothes that day. I’m sure sleep wear would be easier to slide onto.

My personal experiences with the meelight:

We really enjoyed trialling the meelight. We found uses for it for all three kids and at times had to break up fights over who could use it.

We once tried using the meelight with the meeclip for a night bottle feed for our 15 month old toddler and it didn’t work for us. But it would’ve been a godsend in the early days with him when he was a lot smaller and more dependent with his feeding.

I WISH I had it when I was breastfeeding ALL of my three kids!

We did however use it at our ‘bottle station’ for the night time bottles. Having the meelight has meant a 100% reduction in the amount of formula we have spilled from trying to do it previously in the dark!

We have also used it for middle of the night nappy changes, and the amount of light the meelight emits has been just perfect. 

Master 4 has really loved the warm glow that the meelight omits and must feel secure with it around, as he has begged to have it as a night light beside his bed.

Meanwhile, when it has gone missing, I have found it in bed with Miss 7 who finds it the perfect reading light to use discreetly and not wake up her brothers or draw attention to herself!  The added bonus is the 30 minute timer, meaning I can say to her ‘read until the light goes out’ and know I won’t find her with her nose in Harry Potter hours after her bedtime!

So, would I recommend the meelight to other travelling families?

Yes! Overall, I think the meelight would be a great addition to any caravan. Its versatility means that it has uses for not just the tiniest travellers, but also the big kids too. Being able to charge it via a base with a USB cord means one less thing to worry about in regards to carting around extra batteries and the long battery life makes if perfect for when camping.

If you’re travelling with kids, and expect frequent night waking’s then check out the meelight. It may be the item that makes nights with your little one easier!

THANKS so much Natalie for your honest review of the meelight! AVAILABLE NOW from our shop…

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Natalie & Michael interview families for The Family Travel Podcast, their family of 5 is travelling Australia in a caravan having A Big Peachey Adventure.


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