Just one day in Newcastle? Here’s what to do! You may have already seen my previous post about our stay in Newcastle. This is truly a destination that has stolen my heart. My love affair with this town begins for family reasons.

My grandpa (who was my whole world as a child!) holidayed here every winter and I always loved hearing his vacation stories. Being in Newcastle made me feel so connected to him and I loved the thought of exploring places he had been so many years before. Nostalgia aside, today I thought I would share with you why this is such a wonderful town to visit. Here’s my top things to do in Newcastle if you only had one day… get ready, you’re about to be busy!

1. Wake up early and watch the sunrise! We woke at 6am and Mother Nature put on an amazing show. If you want to see some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets from Newcastle, there’s a fabulous gallery here.


2. Catch the ferry from Stockton into Newcastle. You may recall we stayed at the Stockton Beach Holiday Park so this is conveniently located. The journey is quick and the kids loved it. You can find the timetable information here.


3. Explore the Mall and the CBD. Grab morning tea in one of the many cafes and there’s plenty of sidewalk entertainment and people watching to enjoy. Here’s a handy round up of Newcastle shopping.


4. Hop in the car and head to Port Stephens. Just 30 minutes away is Birubi Beach, a great place to see the world famous Sand Dunes. This is must do, these are the largest sand dunes in the southern hemisphere and it was such an amazing experience to see them.  If you have a 4wd, grab a permit from the local servo and get down on the sand near the beach! Great spot for an icecream from the cafe.

new5 sand dunes 2

5. After lunch (back at your van) grab your swimmers. It’d time to head to iconic Nobby’s Beach and Lighthouse for a swim and to explore the coastland.

new6  new4

6. In your exploration you’ll discover the Newcastle Ocean Baths. These are so much fun for the kids and absolutely stunning!

new7  new8

7. By now the kids will be exhausted after a jam-packed day of sun, adventure and touring! If you think they can handle one more thing head to one of Newcastle’s many family friendly pubs for dinner. If you know the ‘good times are over’ and your little people can’t take any more, fill in your Travel Journal,  pop them into bed and enjoy a wine together while you watch the sun go down.

What a perfect day in a great town! Do you love Newcastle as much as we do? What have I missed? What would be your ‘top tips’ – we’d love to hear them!

Until next time, travel safe and keep making memories… Adele

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