BitePatch | Mosquito Bite Relief | NATURAL

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24 Patch Pack – NATURAL ! Pack includes 24 natural original colour.

Each easy to apply patch is a discreet 20 x 27mm.

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Mosquito Bite Relief for the whole family…

“Caravanning with Kids – we just found the best Aussie product that would be perfect for your shop….”  Kelly NSW

We are always looking for relief when it comes to beating the Mozzies – our youngest daughter Kate suffers terribly and often, no matter what we do, the mozzies get her (and me…)  – we all LOVE to scratch, so when Kelly messaged us to say these HELPED her family and were chemical free – we just had to get them in our shop for everyone…

How do BitePatches work?
BitePatch uses trans-dermal grid technology to raise the epidermis (the top layer of skin) from the dermis (the second layer of skin) to relieve irritation. BitePatch uses a mechanical mechanism of action and doesn’t rely on chemicals to work.

Natural ! Pack includes 24 Natural original BitePatch’s

Each easy to apply patch is a discreet 20 x 27mm.


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