‘Colorful Fire’ 3 pack

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3 Packets of ‘Colorful Fire”

*30 – 60 minutes + of Colourful Fire per packet

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Colorful Fire is no ordinary flame colorant! Colorful Fire packets are environmentally friendly and produce no smoke, no odour and no noxious fumes.  It comes in a convenient package that is light, moisture and air resistant, resulting in a tremendously long shelf life.  The BEST and safest colourful that we have found…

There is nothing quite like a brilliant display of colored flames to enhance a fire. Sit back and enjoy the Colorful Fire!

You will begin to see fire in a new light.

Colorful Fire is easy to use

For best results: Simply toss 1-3 UNOPENED Colorful Fire packets onto a high point of any indoor/outdoor wood burning fire.

DO NOT open the packet!

Size and intensity of the fire will determine the number of packets needed and the time the colors are visible. For most fires 1 packet is enough for 30-60 minutes of color.


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