Door Latch Extender – Australian Made

$24.95 inc GST

1 x Door Latch Extender – Australian made – see more information in the description below 🙂

32cm long

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Have you seen these Door Latches? An incredible new invention that will extend your caravan door latch, giving you more room behind the door.  This is especially handy if you have a van that has a window behind the door!
From the same makers of our popular Aussie made AWNING HOOKS – Here is some more information from the Aussie inventors at RSG Accessories:

Have you ever been caught caravanning on those humid evenings? When you’d like to open every window and door to let the van cool down overnight?
BUT because your door is open, the window directly behind can’t be!
Or during those days when you’re wanting to catch all the breezes? Or open the kitchen window whilst cooking?
BUT again, the door is open so the window has to stay closed!
With the Door Latch, you can have the best of both worlds. Enjoy having the door and the window open at the same time.


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