Chocolatey…Moist…Delicious…Full of goodness…and NO added sugar?  Can this be possible? YES!

As many of you know, we have been searching, trying and testing a healthier variety of snacks for travelling and at home.  I thought that steering away from the processed & packaged snacks was going to be difficult, time consuming and possibly a miserable journey of tasteless, cardboard flavoured foods. I have never been more wrong!  We have been whipping up a variety of snacks and meals that are not only wholesome, real food and nourishing…they are all DELICIOUS! We hope to share many more of our successful treats with you here soon…

It is truly amazing what you can do with dates and nuts.  Two very simple ingredients that are now staples in our pantry.  These Rainbow Balls were created and inspired after making a few yummy recipes from Life’s Pantry & Wholefood Simply 🙂

RAINBOW BALLS: (named by our daughters…I was leaning towards Chocolate Goji Balls…they won!)

*I have to mention here that there a few snacks that Kate (our youngest nearly 5yrs) has not been a fan of…but these…she LOVES…

Rainbow balls ingredients

1 x cup of mixed macadamia & cashew nuts

1 x cup of medjool dates pitted (the big juicy ones from the fruit & veg department)

1 x 1/3 cup of coconut

1 x 1/3 cup of dried goji berries

1 x tbs of cacao

1 x tsp (or 1/2) of vanilla essence

rainbow balls blitz

Pop it all in the blender and wizz, wizz, wizz….blitz, blitz, blitz….choose the consistency that you and your family prefer. We like ours super fine and squishy.

rainbow balls making

The mixture will feel quite oily and slimy and will cover your hands in a yellowish oil. This makes rolling them so much fun…

*TIP: rolling the balls in coconut is so much easier if you pop them in a bowl and swirl them around…they coat themselves and there is much less mess.

Refrigerate and ENJOY….we think the goji berries are what make these too good to be true. You can mix and match ingredients….use different nuts, add other wholefood ingredients until you get a mix that you LOVE….

rainbow balls finished

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