Heading off to explore for the day? Caravan security can weigh heavily on our minds when we’re away from the campsite, especially if it’s a Free Camp. In saying this, theft can happen even in the most secure caravan park. 

What steps can you take to ensure your van is secure while it’s unattended?

It should go without saying that before you leave camp, you need to place anything of value inside the van. This includes camp furniture, BBQ and any personal items including clothes, bikes, and toys. 

Please note – we are not sponsored by the following products. We either use them ourselves or they have been recommended by fellow travellers.

One option is to install a wheel lock clamp like this one as well as a hitch lock and lockable hitch pin, which significantly increase the security of your van. However, combined are quite heavy, so you’ll need to consider weight factor when looking at this type of security. 

Place alarm stickers in a noticeable spot on your van. Even if you don’t have an alarm installed, it will still act as a deterrent to thieves. A cheap and easy purchase from eBay or similar.

The more visible locks and padlocks are, the better, so thieves will look for an easier target. 

Install an alarm that will go off if van is moved or attempted to be moved. 

WITI Anti-Theft System is an option. Also check out the KTR-18 Alarmed Trailer Lock  A security camera and alarm that alerts your phone is also a good idea.

You could install a caravan safe like this one – Caravan Hideaway Safe or take your most valuable items with you, locked in your car.

Another thing to consider is installing a hidden GPS tracker somewhere in your van. This could be something as simple as an AirTag or Tile. Install two, that way if they find the first one, they’ll hopefully stop looking!  Another great tracker on the market is The Black Knight GPS Tracking System used by Caravanning with Kid’s own Adele and Wayne on their Vacationer Caravan. An alert is sent to an app on your phone whenever your van is moved. Note – GPS trackers will not be helpful if the van is in a location without reception. Some thieves carry ‘signal blockers’ now too, which can render a tracker useless.

Remember, a determined thief will always find a way to bypass any security you have in place.  Try not to spend too much time worrying about your van security. At the end of the day your caravan (hopefully) is insured. After all, theft is one of the main reasons we have caravan insurance in the first place!  Don’t let the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ hold you back from enjoying your time travelling!

What do you use to secure your van? We would love to hear from you…pop a comment below.

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