Here are our top Crafting Activities for when you are on the road that are super fun, easy and take up no room!

Crafting on the road:  When we are on holidays our girls still like to get stuck into some crafting activities, however, we don’t have the room to cart around our massive crafting box from home.

Here are our top Crafting activities:

NATURE:  Nature gives us the best materials for artistic FUN – from mud pies to stick drawings in the sand and dirt..from collecting leaves, shells, pine cones to daisy chains…there is always NATURE at your fingertips if you use your imagination.

Great photo from Fifty Toes Walkabout on Instagram

Scissors & Glue:  Scissors and Glue sticks live in our caravan.  They are light weight, don’t take up any room and can be used for all types of fun stuff.  Cutting & pasting is a favourite past time for our girls so we collect brochures, magazines, flyers, maps etc that are free on our travels so we always have an abundant supply of colourful papers to cut out.  Decoupage, collages, letters to family back home and pictures for our Travel Journals

SLIME! Yes…we said SLIME! Our Travel Slime gets pulled out on special occasions and we love playing with the different consistencies and making it thick and then thin. Hours of entertainment… and only using ingredients that you might already have in the caravan or are easily picked up from the local supermarket.  We use Corn Flour & water, easy to clean up, non toxic and it won’t matter if you make a mess!

If you want something that will last longer – pop some borax in the van and get some PVA and shaving foam from the cheap shop…

Check out Ashlee’s new SLIME video here;


What are your top Travel Crafting Activities??

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