Our Top 5 Breakfast on the GO ideas! What are your top picks?

On the mornings when you have to pack up and leave, breakfast on the go for yourself and the kids is a winner! It can be a frantic time, especially if you have been enjoying your adventure and left it all to the last minute.  You might have to be out of the park by a certain time or have a huge day on the road ahead of you.  Food in your bellies is super important, so here are some quick and easy ideas that are no mess and no fuss.

  1. Banana in Bread: 

Our top pick is an old time favourite and one that we have used for years, especially when we are caravanning.  The humble banana is filling and nutritious – popping it into a slice of bread makes a joke of the sausage in bread and adds a bit of fun for the kids.  NO mess and NO fuss.  I have even caught Wayne sprinkling milo on his or drizzling some honey and Kate is a bit partial to adding some peanut butter!

  1. Fruit Salad:

We eat a lot of fruit and the girls love it.  If we know we are heading off early, we will cut and prepare a little fruit bowl for them the night before.  We sometimes add some dry biscuits which they find cool as it is not the norm as a breakfast food. Quick and easy.

  1. Homemade Choc LCM bars: Check out our easy no bake, no process recipe here.

We always have these in the fridge or cupboard and make up a batch each week.  No baking, no processing and a quick go to food, even for breaky. Add an apple and the bellies are done!

  1. Dry Cereal:

Who says you need to have milk on your cereal? Lol…some kids love it…some kids hate it…some cereals just don’t work without milk! If you can find one the kids love, pop them in a container and off you go.

  1. Egg in bread: 

If it’s a hot breaky you crave and have the time – whip out the fry pan, cut a hole in your bread and away you go.  You will only have the fry pan to wipe out and you will be done.

More tips:

  • Paper/plastic bowls & plates – we met a family on our last adventure that had a stash of plastic throw away bowls. They only used them on the days they pulled out of a park.  Breakfast was made and eaten and the bowls were then thrown out.  No washing up or mess.
  • Pre Plan – if you are heading off early, prepare breakfast the night before.
  • Breakfast bars, muesli bars, long life smoothy drinks – there are loads of these types of foods on the market. They can come in handy, just check the nutritional panel as many are loaded to the hilt with sugar and yucky additives.





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