Travelling with toddlers can be tough… it’s that age, when they are old enough to know what is going on, but maybe not old enough to talk…when our girls were younger, we made up these Top 5 Tips for Travelling with Toddlers – the Five S’s…

Songs, Surprise, Swings, Snacks and Sleep…

SONGS in the car, on the radio, CD’s or on the iPad are always so much fun, for everyone. As much as my husband despises Old MacDonald, he does get a chuckle out of listening to the kids make all the animal sounds.


SURPRISE, we always get some activities and new books that they have not played with or read before, either borrowed from a friend (fabulous option) or opshop/purchased. Something new and different always held their attention a little longer, we would prepare one new one for each long leg of our journey.


SWINGS, stopping for a play at the park or a run around with a ball before sleep time is a winner, tuckers them out so that you can enjoy some quiet time as you hit the road for your next leg while they have a lovely sleep.


SNACKS, preparation is the key, having enough enjoyable snacks to get them through. Boredom will come with the delusion of hunger, we have all heard it before, 5 minutes into a journey… “I’m Hungry”. Prepare a snack box with lots of little things to pick at, sultanas, cheese cubes, carrot cubes, dry biscuits, cut up fruit. In small little containers or zip lock bags, the little ones love helping themselves, small amounts, but just enough to tie them over to the next stop or meal time.

snacks for car

SLEEP…if the Swings part of the 5 S’s goes well…then Sleep will certainly come. Having their favourite sleep toy and blanket handy and accessible when needed is a good idea, even strap the blanket to the seat belt so it doesn’t fall to the floor. Plus back up’s, we always travel with two of their favourite sleep items just in case there is a spillage or a little puke accident.

kids sleeping


Ages 1 – 4 years is such a gorgeous age, but an age that can be difficult to travel with, they are often on the cusp of talking and frustration tends to set in quickly as the poor poppets try and communicate with no luck, or a little bit older and boredom sets in so quickly…So mixing it up, listening to them, involving them (jump in the back if there is room), giving them play time, down time and sleep time will all help….and if they are a turd burger the whole time, well…that will be part of the adventure that you will always look back on and SMILE… (after it is all over….)…

What are your favourite Travelling with Toddler Tips? We would love to hear all about them…..

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