What types of souvenirs do you collect when you are travelling around our amazing country? We recently asked our community and thought it would be FUN to make a list of the TOP Souvenir ideas!

souvenir – NOUN – a thing that is kept as a reminder of a person, place, or event.


1. HAT/LAPEL PINS: Light weight, compact!
This is where souvenir collecting started for our family.  A few decades ago when I backpacked around Europe, I was very limited for space (and $$), however I still wanted to have a memento from my epic adventures.  I always thought Hat Pins were for older people to put on their Akubra hats, but I remember thinking that I could collect them and one day have a map of the world in my home like the ones you used to see in Flight Centre offices…that was my dream!  Many years later, hubby turned that dream into a reality by getting me an entire WALL map, laminated on a special foam – perfect for my pins!!!
BUT….when we started Caravanning and seeing more of Australia, we discovered very quickly that the little Aussie bit was not going to be big enough!.  We are now going to do each state around our home – starting with our recent 4 week caravanning adventure around Tasmania -you can read our FREE eMag about Tassie here!
2.  PATCHES:  another light weight & compact option!
Embroidered bits of memory that you can sew onto just about ANYTHING!!

Patches collected by Kathryn W – what an amazing collection!

Patches collected by Karyn O – WOW!!

3.  STICKERS:  once again, light weight and take up no room!

However…once they are stuck! They are stuck forever…

4.  POSTCARDS:  Just like stickers…but more options!

They don’t take up any room and have all the locations details on them too…keep scrolling to the end of this one to see them in action in our Travel Journals

5.  KEYRINGS:  most towns have them, this makes them easy to collect…

…however, they do become quite weighty!

6.  MAGNETS:  Popular and compact!

Magnets & keyrings are our back ups – if there are no hat pins, there are sure to be keyrings and magnets!   They look fabulous on the drinks fridge in the garage!

7.  STUBBY COOLERS:  Another light weight option!

I bet we all have a little collection of these around the house or in the caravan.  They are light weight and can squash anywhere – they are also machine washable!

8.  SPOONS: Old school, but beautiful!

Many moons ago, little spoons were the ultimate collection item, they make a lovely display – however, they are not as readily available at tourist spots anymore…

9.  SHOT GLASSES: Breakable!

We met a guy who was collecting these on his BIG LAP and he used up all his socks carefully wrapping them in his van!

10.  SAND JARS: New idea!

Many families are collecting little Sand Jars..this might not be viable for ALL of your destinations, but they make lovely keepsakes!

Gorgeous Sand Jars by Shahree

Sand Jars on display by Shahree – WOW!


Do you have photos of your collections – we would LOVE to add them to this article…

Speaking of keepsakes – our Travel Journal is just that! A keepsake that will keep all your cherished memories to be enjoyed for years and years to come…


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