Travelling Influencer Marketing Database

WELCOME to our Influencer Marketing Database:

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Influencer Database – this is available to travellers that are available for media or promotional opportunities.

  • CWK is often contacted by key stakeholders, requiring submissions for articles, reviews, partnerships etc: 
  • eg:  A radio station might need a family from QLD to interview.
  • eg:  A newspaper might need an article from a couple who have recently visited Uluru.
  • Your contact details and bio are held by CWK and put forward if an opportunity matches.


  • Do you have a newsletter? How many subscribers do you have?
  • eg: 5
  • eg: Irene, F, 36 - Steve, M, 38 - Kane, M, 4 - Suzy, F, 2
  • Make & Model
  • Make & Model
  • Analytics & conversion rates may be asked for depending on media submission.

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