Where do you sleep your baby in your caravan? Check out our Top 5 suggestions for turning your bunk into the ultimate cot!

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“I don’t think we can go caravanning for a few more years! We have a new baby – where would he sleep?”

“There is no room for a porta cot, so we won’t look for a van until bubs is older”

Caravanning & camping with a baby can be so much fun and a lot easier than some people think.  Before they find their legs and run wild, they will love being snug as a bug in a harness, sling, carrier, pram – while you all ENJOY this amazingly incredible country!

A Big Peachy Adventure seeing this amazing country with bubs in tow!

But…where do you sleep the baby?

Here are our TOP 5 Tips collected from our awesome community of Aussie Big Lappers!

1. Toddler Safety Gate

Photo by Jenee Doolan

This is possibly the most common ‘fix’ – converting the bottom bunk into a cot.  Many safety gates do not require any drilling, you can simply extend the ‘knobs’ and wedge it in. Are you loving our technical terms?

Emiliee modified with extra storage as well!

2.  Netting

If you are handy, then this could be an option for you.  Netting, attached to the bunk frame – also keeps the bugs out.

3.  Toddler Safety Bed Rail

Quick & easy – when not in use, this can simply be slipped under the bed mattress!

4.  Pool Noodles

Yup – thanks to Nicky for sending in this awesome idea – especially for when they get a bit older.  This technique will surely stop them from rolling out of the bunk!

5.  Shower Cot!

This super cool idea sent in by Natasha combines the safety gate of Number 1, with the ensuite! Instant cot or play area.

Where do your babies sleep in your caravan? We would LOVE to add your photos to this article to give others inspiration!

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Happy & Safe Travels x

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