Not just for camping and caravanning – perfect for a spooky themed party or scary snack!

Halloween is becoming increasingly popular in Australia and so many kids (and adults) just love it!

Check out these easy-peasy, minutes to prepare, Halloween treats! We’ve had a go at making these ourselves and they were an absolutely winner and the kids were stoked with their surprise afternoon tea! A fun activity to do together too!


Such fun to make and all you need are 3 ingredients –

Oreo Cookies

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Edible Candy Eyeballs (we got ours from Woollies)

The picture speaks for itself we think, but we glued the wings and eyes on with the cream filling from inside the biscuits. TIP – It might be easier to leave the Oreo cookies out for a few hours to soften a bit. A few wings were broken in the cutting process!


Slice the lid off an orange and scoop out using a metal spoon, before carving out your face with a small, sharp knife. Fill with any chopped fruit you like. We went with blueberries and strawberries, but you can use any fruit in season. Pop the lid back on and hide in their lunchbox for a fun morning tea treat.


Only 3 Ingredients featuring a classic kids favourite spread –

Packet of Biscuits (we chose Arnott’s Butternut Snaps, but you can choose any kind of Cookie with a rough texture)

Mini Marshmallows


Spread Nutella in a thick ring onto two cookies (in warm weather, you may need to refrigerate for a little while first as it can get quite gooey when it’s warm). On the bottom cookie, stick on the marshmallows in a semi-circle and place the top cookie on, on an angle so it looks like a partially open mouth. Super easy!


A delicious, healthy snack – the black olives work really well with the hummus and cucumber. Wasn’t sure what the kids would think of the olives, but they went down surprisingly well!

Cut the cucumber into slices of desired thickness and spread with a little hummus (you could also use cream cheese). Slice up some olives to make the spider.

If olives are a definite NO, you could try grape cherry tomatoes with little carrot legs for another type of colourful, creepy crawly.


We love this from

If you can’t find black corn chips, try black sesame crackers or purple beetroot crackers instead!

Enjoy making these treat with the kids and Happy Halloween!

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