Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we have some ripper gifts that are unique, high quality, affordable and some that are a little quirky. Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide has 10 of our most popular items for Mum’s both young & old..

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  • Is it odd that our Gift Guide contains a lot of WINE related products??

  1.  Shower Wine Glass Holders:  O…M…G – these are NEW to our store this year and have been a super popular gift idea for all the wine lovers out there – PERFECT for in the caravan or at home.  I have one stuck on my mirror in the ensuite for a sneaky bubbles while I do my makeup! They will also hold stemless wine cups too…like our Insulated ones – see number 2 below…

2.  Insulated Wine Tumblers and Bottles! – PERFECT for camping, festivals and lazy days on the river or beach – these are truly amazing! They will keep ICE frozen for hours and drinks cold for 12 hours PLUS…and on the flip side, they will keep hot drinks hot for up to 6 hours as well…

3.  Agreena 3 in 1 Wraps: – Does your Mum love to Bake? These eco friendly sheets will replace all your glad wrap, baking paper and foil! Saving room in your van and helping the environment…just brilliant!

4.  Winerest:  No more spilling your wine while you are out and about.  This aussie design is brilliant, perfect size to pop into your camping chair pocket or esky and you will never be stuck with somewhere to put your glass.  Fits to most camping chairs and outdoor furniture…even iron boards!! NEW COLOURS now available – on sale $15.00

5. Caravan/Australian Earrings:  These are gorgeous, handmade and the perfect addition to your caravanning loved ones jewellery box.  Earrings are only $16.00 and Brooches are $26.00

Little Bags of Magic have over 20 designs to choose from…from rainbows, to coffee cups, to cows, sloth’s, sheep to camera’s…See the FULL RANGE HERE

6. Travel Wine Mugs:  Yes, you heard that right…think travel coffee cup, but for your wine! Fabulous for when you are outdoors, keeps all the bugs and dirt out of our glass. Winning! $15.00

7. CARAVAN BAMBOO Travel Mugs, Toilet Bags, Tea Towels and so much more!:  NEW additions this year and one of our most popular ranges – I personally use my Bamboo Travel Mug EVERY SINGLE DAY – coffee during the day and Pimm’s at Happy Hour! Browse this gorgeous selection here:

8. Pegless Clotheslines and Laundry Washing Sheets!:  Why not? Not the most romantic gift, but sometimes the practical ones work a treat.  Or, you could get these and say that you brought them for her for YOU to use…hahaha…The Pegless clothelsines are proudly designed and manufactured in Melbourne!

9. Scrubba Bag:  The name of this awesome Aussie invention alone should strike up a giggle! Another romantic one (maybe you could add some of the pegless clotheslines to this one) but super handy for trips away.  A portable washing machine in a tiny bag! We love ours – great for when we are off the grid or at a park where the machines are all full.  $64.95


10.  Meelight: – Here is one for the Mum with babies or toddlers – the Meelight is a portable night light that is super handy for when you are travelling…

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