The Big Red Bash in Birdsville is an epic adventure that is a highlight for our family.

In 2021 we did our first Bash and it was incredible! We took our time getting there as it was part of our Outback Queensland holiday which included the Dinosaur Trail, Cape York, FNQ & the East Coast.

You can watch a little clip that Ashlee (then 13yrs) did of the 2021 Bash here, includes a few tips as well…

In 2022 we only had 3 days to get there and we get asked every week which way we went? where did we camp? what were the roads like? So…we’ve put together this little run down for you. If you have any questions, please let us know.

We were very excited to be in charge of the Official Big Red Bash Photobooks , however with work & school commitments, we really couldn’t mess around getting there or getting home. We high tailed it (safely) and had a super smooth run.


  • Our two girls, aged 11 & 14, are the best car travellers, they don’t mind long travel days and have bladders of steel…
  • We travelled in our Ford Ranger & Vacationer 22.6ft Rough Rider
  • We carried 2 x Jerry Cans for extra Fuel…
  • We have a Stone Stomper…
  • We did not tape up, pool noodle, protect anything inside or outside our caravan – you can read more about dust inside our van here…
  • We also got home in TWO DAYS – scroll to the bottom…


We left from Numurkah – regional Victoria at 7.45am

Fuel Stop – Griffith NSW

Fuel Stop – Cobar NSW

Fuel Stop – Bourke NSW

Arrived at FREE Camp – Mays Bend about 10km North of Bourke at around 5pm.

Time for a fire & snags…

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Gorgeous morning at Mays Bend Free Camp – left camp at 7am

Fuel Stop – Cunnamulla

*When we were there, one fuel stop was closed and the other one had one bowser working and a queue a mile long. We found the local iOR Bowser and used Fuelcharge to fill up – this App is a game changer for getting diesl in outback Australia and has saved our bacon many times – read more about Fuelcharge here…

Turn OFF – Via Eulo…

Fuel Stop Quilpie – Fuelcharge again…

Had lunch in Quilpie and experienced super yummy pies from the local bakery!

(Get your Map Sticker for your drop down table here…)

Parts of the road are very narrow – PLEASE give way to the trucks and have your UHF on! (we believe that travelling with a UHF is a more here…)

Safely pull off the road and let them pass, not only is this expected in the outback, but it is the safest way to travel…

Arrived in Windorah at 5pm – Filled up Fuel again – LAST FUEL STOP! Checked jerry cans as well

Filled up with WATER (we were told the water was better than Birdsville, however, I am sure it is much of a muchness!)

Stayed at the Free Camp over flow just off the main drag.

Final Day – Windorah To Birdsville – left at 10am (a little sleep in…)

Loads of people asked how much dirt we had to drive on to get there and did we need our Jerry cans….

Dirt – Tar – Dirt – Tar…

In 2022 we thought the roads were in great condition – you just had to drive to the conditions. There were parts that were a bit rough and we had to slow right down – this was more towards the end – the last 30 odd km’s coming into Birdsville…

This is how the Dirt went after turning left onto the Birdsville Developmental Road/Route 14 (approx 300kms)

  • 13km Dirt
  • 25km Dirt
  • 22km Dirt
  • 10km Dirt
  • 18km Dirt
  • 18km Dirt
  • 1km Dirt
  • 20km Dirt
  • 5km Dirt
  • 17km Dirt
  • 21km Dirt
  • 5km Dirt
  • 5km Dirt
  • 6km Dirt

NOTE – we did not detour and visit the Betoota Pub.

We had lunch at the Serpent and used our Jerry Cans…

Arrived at Birdsville at 3.20pm on our third travel day!


We also got home in 2 DAYS!!

  • Left Birdsville at 6.35am – Heading out you WILL see the local cops and be breathalyzed – TAKE CARE…

Left Eulo at 7.30am

Home by 8pm!! LONG DAY…but so good to be home…

We then had the pleasure of putting together the Official Big Red Bash Photobook! (..we also do the Mundi Mundi Bash Photobooks too…)

CLICK HERE to check out the Photobooks and look out for PRE ORDERS & SAVE!!

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